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Telling your special day through a thousand strokes is my mission.

How does the service work during the event?

Having previously agreed with you the specific place and moment to capture, I will go to the location beforehand, starting to paint the background on the canvas. I will then continue to work on the painting during the ceremony, therefore being also an entertainment for your guests, who will be able to see the piece being started and completed before the end of the event.

How will everything take place during the event?

I will position my station in an optimal point of the location and paint the guests live. This means your friends and family will be able to witness the creative process and share the experience. I won't keep your guests posing for long, but I will take photos that I will use as reference to complete the sketches. This allows them to fully enjoy the party while I create personalized works of art.

Which materials will you use?

I work on canvases with a solid natural wood structure, which are prepared with a foundation to make the paint adhere better. I only work with thick acrylic colors that guarantee the durability of the painting over the years. Moreover, as a final touch, I use a protective varnish that helps to keep the painting intact and enhances the beauty of the colors.

Will I be able to paint all the guests?

My goal is to optimize the time to portray the maximum number of guests possible (6-8 minutes per portrait, approximately 6 drawings/hour). I will follow the order of requests, but I do not guarantee to portray everyone and not everyone may be interested, the nature of live art imposes time limitations. However, I will be happy to plan this unique experience for your wedding with you as best as possible!

Where do you work?

There are no limits! I am ready to move wherever you want. There will be no additional costs within 100 km of travel from my residence in the province of Vicenza, Italy.

What are the costs?

For a live painting Sara starts from €890 based on the size of the painting requested. Excluding additional transport or accommodation costs if deemed necessary. (price for 2024)

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Some else
doubt ?

Contact me for any further information or special request, the reservation request must be made as soon as possible.

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