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I grew up in a small town in the countryside, surrounded by nature. Since childhood, my fervid imagination has run wild, transforming clouds into animals and petals into magical potions. Creativity guided my hands and pushed me towards an artistic education, embracing Art with all her charming facets.
Over the years, painting never left my side, like a faithful playmate, like a friend who moves and comforts me with the sound of her laughter.
Now, I want to bring that laughter to you! Thanks to my brushstrokes, you will find back all the emotions of your important day, still vivid and lively, ready to make you smile when you least expect it.

the artist in me

live painting wedding sara peron live painter
live painting wedding sara peron live painter

my mission

Do you know those fleeting, but precious moments that you wish could last forever? Imagine, if you could actually make that happen.

Imagine all those emotions, caught in a thousand swift brushstrokes, flowing across the canvas to seal your moment. 

Forever with you.


My mission is to live-paint your special day and make those memories everlasting. I will also be a pleasant surprise for your guests, as they will be able to observe the painting changing and developing under their own eyes, from start to finish.

live painter live painting live painting wedding cc gist wedding photography
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