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Live Painting is a unique entertainment service for weddings and events, a zero-to-one hundred painting created during the festivities.
Enchanting to see in progress and the finished painting you can admire it forever.

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Each wedding is designed by you to best represent you according to your tastes. Likewise each painting created by Sara is made unique, custom made to fit your vision emphasizing elements of that special day and blending beautifully into your home.

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Our best day in a painting

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary Picasso said, and Sara was the creator of our wedding diary! Sara, in addition to being kind, nice and super organized, delighted guests with her art during the day and they were literally enchanted. For us spouses a gift that will remain for life! A painting that portrays us in one of the most beautiful moments of the day. And knowing that that painting has the same longevity as our marriage is something truly unique!

Michele & Silvia

Sara Peron italian live wedding painter - live painter wedding

who is           ?

wedding live painting in Venice - live wedding painting in Venice

Sara is a resident artist
in Veneto in the province of Vicenza.
She has always loved to move with her art, to be able to convey joy through her paintings.
For several years she has specialized in creating breathtaking live paintings capable of leaving a unique memory of your wedding.


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