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live painting matrimonio sara peron pittrice dal vivo
Sara gave us a wonderful memory of our wedding. The painting is simply beautiful and all our guests were amazed. Sara is hugely talented, thank you so much again.

Martina and William

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary said Picasso, and Sara was the architect of our wedding diary! Sara, in addition to being kind, nice and super organized, delighted the guests with her art during the day and they were literally enchanted by it. For us spouses a gift that will remain for life... A picture that portrays us in one of the most beautiful moments of the day. And knowing that that painting has the same longevity as our marriage is something truly unique!

Sylvia and Michael

live painting matrimonio sara peron pittrice dal vivo
live painting matrimonio sara peron pittrice dal vivo
Sara's live painting idea is undoubtedly a wonderful novelty, which in our case was part of the most beautiful day: our wedding. Sara prepared herself in advance, in order to act independently during the reception and create something that corresponded to us. The art is always appreciated by all (I am referring to the intrigued guests), and somehow complements and elevates what is already extraordinary. The painting is beautiful, it reflected us. Highly recommended!

Lucy and Frederick

We met Sara thanks and it was really lucky! Sara helped to make the atmosphere of our wedding even more elegant, the catering itself was delighted by her skills and the splendid painting she created is now in the room waking us up every day. Thanks for everything Sara, we are really happy to have chosen you!

Marco and Samane

live painting matrimonio sara peron pittrice dal vivo
Painting your wedding for me is not a day like any other, on the contrary I live every reception by fully immersing myself in the day.

I love noticing the details in the tables that characterize you, I love seeing the moved looks of your guests and capturing all the love that is in the air.

All this is essential for me to transmit it through my hands on the canvas, capture all these little emotions and close them sealed forever in the layers of color.
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